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We LOVE producing on hold messages with CREATIVITY and STYLE!

Listen to these REAL messages on hold we’ve created for our clients:

Humor & Sound Effects – Dr. Charles Wait          Sports Sound Effects – Championship Tennis Tours

NASCAR Sound Effects – Ticket Lobster              Click here to listen to MORE real on hold messages!

There are NO hidden costs with AAA Phone On Hold!

Professional Script Writing – Our experienced script writers will consult with you to recommend and exchange ideas for developing the most effective messages for your brand.

Background Music & Sound Effects – You select the licensed background music you want callers to hear from over 200 songs in more than 25 musical styles. We can also add sound effects to your messages that will make it more memorable and more FUN!

National Voice Talents & State-of-the-Art Recording – Your AAA Phone On Hold messages are produced in high-tech audio production facilities. Music, voices, and sound effects are recorded & mixed by skilled engineers using the latest digital technology.

Value added services – We provide lots of extras for our clients at no cost, including links to your website, outgoing voice mail content, marketing consultation, IVR & auto-attendant content. We’ll even create a QR code for you to use in all your marketing materials FREE just for being our client!

Set Up – We can arrange for your music on hold equipment to be professionally installed almost anywhere in the USA (cost of installation is extra).

Follow Through – Our staff provides the momentum behind your phone on hold program by helping you maintain messages that are relevent and timely.

Customer Support – Our commitment to customer service is what sets us apart. We continually service our client’s needs. Quality assurance calls are made regularly. Tech support is available weekdays 9-5 EST.

Program Flexibility – Choose how often your message is updated (2, 4, 6 or 12 times per year). Your program can correspond with changes such as seasonal promotions, etc. Up to 6 minutes of voices and music in each audio message.

BEWARE: Some of our competitors say they’ll give you 2 messages per month, but what they’re offering are thirty second spots or generic messages, NOT customized full length on hold messages up to 6 minutes each!

Discounts up to 60% for members of associations and trade groups such as the

Independent Welding Distributors Co-op, South Carolina Hospitality Association,

and businesses with 2 or more locations!

  For Audio and Video Production/Editing services, please contact us for a FREE quote!

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