Turn Marketing Into More Profits

* What you need in place to generate prospects
* Turning prospects and leads into money!
* Map out the buying process for your customers
* Package up your expertise for more streams of income
* Make more money by providing what your clients want to buy

Once you’ve got your marketing funnel in place and have begun to drive some targeted traffic to your free giveaway offer the next step is to get your streams of income in place.

Starting with a free offer such as a special report, audio or video is the best way to build your list and generate leads or prospects for your business.

Turning Prospects and Leads into Money!

After that you need to convert the leads into money.  What you sell at your website & how you do that will depend on what type of business and niche you are in.

Let’s say you’re a coach or consultant; you could begin simply by offering a free report which gives some valuable tips and training about your niche topic and then gives an introduction to your coaching or consulting service.

Or if you’re a small business owner and want to market your product line with the internet you could also start with the free giveaway and educate your prospects on which product or products might be the right choice for them.

Map out the buying process for your customers or clients

To be successful with online marketing it’s essential that you create some clear packages or programs so people can get all the details easily and decide which option they want to go with.

Map out your process for connecting with your potential clients when they have expressed interest or if you’re selling a product online then map out the exact process your customers will take in order to buy the product.

Package up your expertise for more streams of income

Once you’ve figured out how to get clients or sales online the next step for you could be to add in an information product which teaches your niche clients how to do whatever your service is.

This could be a digital product or a home study program delivered to your customers’ door.

This allows you to make money when you are not working one on one with clients and gives you another stream of income and as a result a lot of time freedom.  Marketing information products online is my favorite business model because I love creating them and I love the leverage that they provide.

You can help a lot more people with a good information product than you can working one to one. There are only so many hours in a day and one on one coaching or service providing might be beyond the budget of many people who may want your help.

You could for instance package up your coaching system into an information product – digital or hard copy and you’ll not only position yourself as an expert in your niche but will also learn a lot by creating your own system.

As a coach or consultant you most likely have a clear system already but you may never have got it down on paper. Now is the time to package up your expertise into a step by step product and benefit from all of your experience and hard work.

As you gain more experience you can add in more streams of income such as e-books, digital audios, CD sets, tele-seminars, physical books, DVDs, membership sites and niche websites.  Once you have nailed your niche expert topic the sky is the limit.

Remember to talk about your expertise in your on hold messages. Many professionals such as doctors and lawyers already do this.

Make more money by providing what your clients want to buy

Weaving affiliate recommendations through your marketing funnel is yet another way to add in a low effort and high return income stream.  Think about all the services and products you use that are relevant to your niche topic.

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