7 Ways to Share More Social Proof (NOT Hype)

  • Most big promises are truly just “hype” without the proof to back them up.
  • Easy ways to add more proof to your websites, emails, and blog posts.
  • How to use the most powerful form of video on your websites.

Hopefully your websites are making a clear benefit and truthful promise to your visitors. There is always a reason they keep visiting you, join your list, or buy products and services you offer.

In today’s digital world we’re surrounded by promises online.  It takes more than a promise. It takes social proof to back up your promises. “Hype” is defined as a big promise without the proof to back it up.

Here are seven ways to share more social proof on your website:

Proof #1: Testimonials

This is the obvious one.  You need others to sing your praises.  They had the same problem your prospects are going through and you helped them achieve the promises you’re making.

If you’re just getting started and have no testimonials, don’t worry.  Use the other proof points below, but work on getting testimonials quickly.

The best way to get testimonials is to install an email in your follow-up sequences that asks for feedback.  You want to know how you’ve helped your readers and customers.  You also ask them how you can improve.  And of course, always get permission to use your customer testimonial.

If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.

Proof #2: Your Personal Case Study

This is your own personal story.  Did you have the same problem the prospect is experiencing?  How painful was it?  What did you try to solve it?  How did you discover the solution you’re presenting to your prospect?

What were your own personal results with this new discovery?

Don’t underestimate the power of making your story real for your prospects.  Stats and statistics can back-up a sale, but it’s the emotion and story that drives the customer sale.

If you promote affiliate products, the best thing you can do for your conversion is to put the product into action yourself.  Use it.  What are your personal results with it?  If it was weight loss for example, how long did you use it and how much weight did you drop?  And you should use photos to back this up.

Proof #3: Your Smiling Face

The internet is an impersonal buying environment.  You can overcome some of this problem with a clear picture of your smiling face looking at your visitor or slightly inward towards your text.

Make that personal connection with them.  This strengthens your story, your promises, and your guarantee.  It’s not a guarantee from some big corporation.  It’s a personal guarantee from you.

Make sure the clothing and background of the photo match up with the promises you offer.

People will judge you by the photo.  So make sure it matches the message you want to share.

Proof #4: Publicity

Have you been featured in any media?  If so, you could show their logos on your site.  And remember, many of the big media outlets also have local affiliates you could go after.  It’s much easier to generate publicity in your local area.

Contact local media through any contacts they show online.  Don’t rely just on email.  Get on the phone and let them know they could contact you as a source on the topic you cover whenever they need it.

Proof #5: Demonstration

Video is unmatched online when it comes to product demonstration.  Show your product in action.  What does it do for people?  How does it get such incredible results?  The three questions you have to answer for any prospects are: Does the product work?  What’s in it for me?  Does it solve my problem?

If you’re an affiliate for a product, you can use the same principle.  If it’s a physical product, show it.  Use it.  Explain how it delivers the results.  If it’s an information type product, show proof of the results you achieved with it.

Watch any good direct response commercial or infomercial for ideas on how you can use the demonstration powers of video.

Proof #6: Specifics  

Specifics beat generalities.  You didn’t drop about 10 pounds.  You dropped 11.5 pounds.  You didn’t do a study with thousands of people.  There were 2,354 people who participated in the study.

Make your claims and your stories as specific as you can.  Go back to your notes and find all the relevant details.  The more specific and detailed your claims, the more real and believable your presentation becomes.

Proof #7: Reason Why

Your goal is to offer an incredible value in exchange for your prospect’s money.  But why are you making such an incredible deal?  An example of this is how many businesses offer scratch-and-dent specials on their products.

Over the year, you will get returns on products.  And some products may be damaged just in storage.  Let’s say you sell home study courses and have 7 courses that are slightly damaged but still work perfectly.  You could run a special at 40% off just on these 7 courses.  When they’re sold out, they’re gone.

That type of sale works like crazy.  With a good list, you could sell out within the hour.  How many other “reasons why” can you come up with to promote your offer?

Be sure to avoid hype in your on hold messages, as well.