SMB Websites Study

A large number of SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) aren’t providing basic contact information or links to their social media channels, according to new research.

You would think it would be painfully obvious that most websites would provide ways for consumers to get in touch easily or better yet connect via social media channels. But, I am sorry to tell you that you would be wrong, especially amongst SMB Websites.

According to recent research by SMB DigitalScape and BIA Kelsey, in analyzing over 1 million SMB websites in the U.S., SMBs are lagging way behind larger brand firms when it comes to providing contact channels and links to their social media channels.

– 60% were missing either a toll-free or local telephone number on the homepage;
– Almost three-quarters were missing an email contact link on the homepage;
– Two-thirds were missing any type of form to allow consumers to request information or provide feedback.

In addition to failing to provide the above simple and basic contact means to website visitors, SMBs are also lagging behind other businesses when it comes to connecting their website visitors to their social media channels.

Around 20% of SMBs link to their Facebook Page and even fewer link to Twitter or LinkedIn.

And just when you thought the research findings couldn’t get any worse, a whopping 93% of SMB websites are not optimized for mobile visitors.

Consumers expect certain levels of Social, Local Search and Mobile functionality.

Take 10 minutes today to review your website and add any functionality missing.  In most cases it does not require programming.  If you can’t do it, your webmaster can… and, in very short time.

When making these changes, be sure to track and measure the results.  You will certainly get more business and make your website visitors happier to do business with you.

You can also track changes to your on hold messages. Talk about a slow moving item in your message on hold and track how often callers ask about it.