KEYWORDS Mean Business

Choosing keywords

You may have heard about Search Engine Optimization or heard the term SEO, but may not really understand what it all means. SEO is about using relevant keywords in all of your published content. That is one of the most important things a small business owner can do is research relevant keywords for your business. Which ultimately creates optimized search engine results and higher rankings. It’s all about content and keywords. Take a few moments to view the video below to get an idea about how easy it can be to hone in on the best keywords to be using in your business.

To get to Google’s keyword research tool you see in the video, go here:

Not only do you need your content about your business on your website, you also need that content updated often. The best and easiest way to do that is adding BLOG to your site. In fact, the best platform (it’s free) to set up your own BLOG is at . Once set up, you simply post content and articles to that section of your site. And, don’t forget back links from other sites linking to your BLOG or your website. And you can get back links in as little as one hour here: OneHourBackLinks.Com . Also, link to other content on your site so that you can keep readers on your site.

Whether you write them or you use content providers (contract writers) it’s important to have content added at least one time per week. The search engines will not give you much notice if you only post once per month or longer. It does need to be something relevant to your business.

Keywords are just as important. Your keywords need to be words that people will use in a search. Use keywords that mean something to your business, your products and services. You don’t have to use a ton of keywords for each content article or blog you post, but you do need to mix them up and use about 4 to 6 for each post. That way you have a few, and it won’t look like you are spamming trying to get the attention of the search engines. Utilizing several keywords will drive people to your site from different parts of the Internet.

Here are some of keywords for our business: messages on hold, on hold advertising, on hold messages, on hold messaging, music on hold, phone on hold messages, etc.

Keeping your on hold message up-to-date is also just as important as consistent blogging and relevent keywords. Your on hold message works in synergy with your other advertising. Keeping it updated at least 2 to 4 times per year (or more, depending on your type of business) keeps callers informed of where your business is today. The more callers know, the more quickly and easily they can make buying decisions.

These are very simple concepts that anyone can do. It just takes a little time and effort and everyone knows that it takes time and effort to run a small business in the first place. Enjoy!