Recycling Is Easy, Even In Small Towns

It’s a new year and many people are trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or otherwise make life better for themselves as part of their New Year’s Resolution. But, according to several surveys I read online, the percentage of people who actually keep these kind of resolutions is between 10-12%.

Changing old habits can be hard. Making changes in your lifestyle, such as eating or smoking can be extremely difficult.

Maybe it’s time to make a resolution that will benefit not only you, but everyone on planet Earth.

Recycling is easy, and it helps everyone! An article I read recently said that appx. 77% of the US population recycles. That’s EXCELLENT! I would have guessed much lower. But, recycling has been going on for many years all over the globe. It’s better in some countries (like the USA) than in others. Also, the percentage changes according to region.

In our small town of appx. 40,000 residents in southeast Tennessee, there are 3 recycling centers operated by the county. One is just 2 miles from our office. They take plastics #1-7; green, brown and clear glass; newspapers, mixed paper, corrugated paperboard, aluminum drink cans, steel food cans and cellphones.

Another location just down the road also takes batteries, used oil and white goods.

The third facility, not far from the other two (it’s a small county) launched a Computer / Electronics Recycling Program. Residents may now recycle outdated desktop computers, laptop computers, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, copy machines, VCR’s, stereos, radios, mainframes, fax machines, electronic games, power & network rechargeable batteries, network hubs, switching boxes, controllers, modems, docking stations, CD roms, hard drives, diodes, terminals, peripherals, military equipment, medical equipment, telecommunications, commercial equipment, office equipment and banking equipment.

This electronics recycling program helps to prevent shipments of this type of consumer waste overseas, where impoverished children sit atop piles of broken computers, etc and break up the items with hammers in order to get to the copper and other usable parts, which they sell for pennies to supplement their family’s income. Not only is this extremely dangerous for these children, it also leaves piles of plastic, glass and metal, and raises the carbon footprint of these waste items by being shipped to these third world countries.

Here at AAA Phone On Hold, we recycle food cans, glass, mixed paper, and plastics on a regular basis. We have a few small plastic containers into which we place our used items. Once the containers are full, we take them to the recycling yard. It’s EASY and it makes us feel good.

Also, in an effort to reduce consumer waste we provide on hold messages in various electronic format. This includes messages on hold as MP3s, WAV files and more that can be emailed or uploaded to the on hold message players.