QR Codes Can Help Market Your Business

For many of you, seeing those funny looking codes showing up everywhere might have had you scratching your head wondering what they were.

They are called QR codes.  QR stands for “Quick Response.”

Do you know the size of the mobile phone world now?  It is BIG and growing with no end in sight.

And most of these mobile phones have the capability of installing scanner apps on them.  The app connects to the camera on your phone and allows you to take a picture of the QR code.  The app then processes the image and based on what the marketing company wanted you to see, it will take you to a website, give you information on a product, take you to the company Facebook page or a number of other possibilities.

Below is a copy of one of our QR codes.  Give it a try:

Just the other day I saw a QR code on a car wrap as part of the message.  What a clever idea.  While the car is parked, anyone can walk up to it and scan the QR code into their app.  And BAM, you have instant information.

I have seen QR codes on products in the grocery store, which makes sense.  I can get information on ingredients quickly.  No more guessing.

You’ll even see QR codes at the movie theater on movie posters.  While you are waiting in the lobby you can see movie trailers right on your phone.

If it seems like too much hassle to create your own QR codes, we can help! We will create your QR codes starting at only $5.00 each – even less if you order more than one. We’ll size it for you, convert it to a number of print formats, and even create it in a variety of colors!

In fact, we’ll create a FREE QR code for you, if you are our client!  It’s just one more value added service we’re happy to provide for our clients!

Additionally, QR codes work for photos, video, databases, and social sharing.

We can even set up QR codes to call your business when scanned.  And to that end, make sure you have a good message on hold for your business phone.  Make your phone system work for you instead of you working for it.

QR codes are a great automatic response for your company.  Put one to work for you today!