Pinterest Promotions

Have you heard of the latest Social Media phenomenon?  It’s called Pinterest.Com .

Clever, yet simple.  Thousands of members at first, and now millions.

What is the activity at Pinterest?  Pinning photo’s and images on your profile and categorizing them for others to view, LIKE and share.

How does it apply to your business?  Well, if you are in the hospitality, travel or restaurant business . . . read on.

It is one thing to PIN images on a website.  But, quite another if you can add a link to each photo or image that you upload.

So here’s an example.  A hotel marketing manager might create a profile at Pinterest, and post photos of the property.  Room photos, restaurant photos, meeting room photos, pool photos, and amenity photos.

Here’s the marketing spin, though.  Put the name of the hotel in each photo and include the city name, too.

Then, add a link to the hotel reservation website. When someone likes the photo and clicks on it, it will take them to the reservation system on the hotel website.

Oh… did I mention that it’s FREE? That’s right – FREE marketing!

What can a restaurant do with Pinterest? You could post photos of coupons or food dishes and attach a link to a Google map or any other part of your restaurant website.

The same with the travel industry. You know how fabulous travel pictures can look. The right photo can take viewers to another world in their mind and begin to create a longing to explore new places.  Again, add a link from the photo to a tour package on your travel website.

Now you’ve made it about more than just viewing photos.  It drives traffic & new customers to your website and becomes an interactive experience.

Do a quick search on Pinterest to see what all the hoopla is about.  And take advantage of this NO COST marketing concept.

Once you do, mention your Pinterest page in your messages on hold so that callers can see what you’ve posted.