Optimize Email for Mobile Users

The need to optimize email for mobile users is even more important (even urgent) than ever before in digital history. There is a sharp increase in people viewing email on their mobile devices rather than on webmail or desktops, and that trend will continue to climb into the double digits.

Surveys across the Internet reveal without question that mobile email views are up significantly year after year. From March 2011 through March 2012, mobile email views rose 82.4% with 88% of people checking email on their mobile device on a daily basis.

Eighty-five percent of mobile email opens were done on an Apple mobile device. The iPad has seen a 54% annual growth in mobile email use.

That’s good news for mobile optimized marketers. The bad news for those businesses that have not yet optimized email for mobile is that almost two-thirds of Americans and 41% of Europeans will simply close or delete an email that doesn’t render well on their mobile device. That’s a large percentage of loss that should not be acceptable to your business.

And, businesses better be quick to act because forecasts and analyst predict by the end of this year, more emails will be read on a mobile device than on webmail or desktops.

The future of computing is most definitely mobile. More and more people are using SmartPhones and tablets and moving away from PC’s and desktops.

A recent study found that nearly half of marketers don’t know how many mobile subscribers they have. Marketers that don’t have the basic data they need to figure out their mobile strategy will likely lose out.

Many of the email campaign manager platforms will easily determine and sniff out how many and which subscribers are using mobile devices to view your emails.

And speaking of using mobile devices to view emails, when your subscriber takes action and calls you, what is your image?  Do you have a message on hold?  Does it have a call to action?  Are you tracking subscribers that call you from clicking in an email?  Those are more statistics you should know that will add tons of black ink to your bottom line.