Old Message Player Technology No Longer Supported

Much like technology giant Microsoft, who ended support for its popular Windows XP last month, manufacturers of on hold message players have placed some of their older technology into their “legacy” category of products.

This means they will no longer provide technical support for these on hold message players, due to the players’ outdated technology.

An example is the solid state, remote programmable, digital recorder that stores audio productions for information on-hold. Programming elements, including audio production, volume level and setting of security code can be downloaded remotely from a touch-tone telephone. Audio productions are commonly downloaded using a personal computer, a download module and accompanying software used by the message provider (like us). Premier Technologies manufactured several models of this “download” unit. They also produce the MP3 on hold message players, along with companies like Nel-Tech Labs, Prodigital Manufacturing, and others.

Some manufacturers may also end support of on hold players using cassette technology soon, as well. This is due to the fact that most on hold player manufacturers have already ceased production of cassette message players, as well as players using audio CD technology.

If you have an old message player with this outdated technology, you may wish to consider replacing it with a new MP3 message player.

The advantage of the new players is that there are no moving parts to break. Also, there is a much quicker turn-around time for end users when they update their on hold messages. No longer do they have to wait for the US Postal Service to deliver the CD or cassette with their new on hold message.

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