US Mobile Content Consumption

One-third of US population will use social networking and video on mobile devices by 2016

With SmartPhone users expected to make up over half of US mobile users by 2013, content consumption on mobile devices is also on the rise, including video viewing and social networking.

Estimates are that by or before 2016, 110+ million American or in comparison one-third of the total US population will watch video content on a mobile phone at least once per month. To put that into perspective this year 25.2% of US mobile phone users are expected to watch mobile video content monthly.

Mobile phone social networking will reach a greater share of the overall population even sooner. One-third of US consumers, or 42.6% of mobile phone users, will log in to social networking sites via mobile devices at least once per month by 2014. The overall majority of these mobile social network users like mobile video viewers will be using a smartphone to access social content on the go.

One of the most popular among activities will be visiting Facebook from their phones. Estimates are that the number of monthly mobile Facebook users in the US last year went from 49.4 million and predicted to almost double to 93.9 million by 2014. At which time over 98% of these users will be accessing the site on a smartphone.

Estimates of mobile content usage, including video, and social networking, are based on the analysis of survey and traffic data from research firms and regulatory agencies, historical trends, company-specific data, and demographic and socioeconomic factors.

With these statistics growing sharply upward, isn’t it time to create that video that shows off your hotel property?  Or how about that fabulous menu for your restaurant?

There is no better time than the present, as these numbers will support your efforts.  Enjoy!

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