HTML5 & Mobile Devices

In Facebook‘s IPO statement filed in February 2012, they state, “We had more than 425 million mobile monthly active users in December 2011.” Yes that’s millions of people on a daily basis walking around staring into tiny screens. This should also signal something very important to you as a Website owner: it’s in your very best interest to start thinking about mobile sites.

Making a mobile version of your site makes a lot of sense as the world continues to go mobile; there is no end in sight. The number of mobile devices increases by the tens of thousands every day. The growth for content consumed through mobile devices is on a sharp curve upward. It’s best to keep current and to learn some best practices when it comes time to developing code for mobile sites (HTML5). As a Website owner it is very much worth your time and that of your webmaster. If you want to be sure, take a moment to check your website analytics. Most Website owners and webmasters use Google Analytics, where you can easily check to see how much of your traffic is coming from mobile devices. In the New Version of Google Analytics, scroll along the menu on the left and click Mobile from within the Audience section. Then click, Devices. Then, in the main window, you’ll see a list of mobile devices that your visitors are using. Some Website owners will notice 10%, 15% or 20% or more of their audience is coming from mobile devices. And that’s considered pretty significant. Your visitors could still access your content on a mobile device, but it’s not very friendly.

HTML5 is the code that makes your Website mobile compliant.  Start by visiting your Website from your mobile device.  To check the compliance of your Website, go to where you can get information that will be helpful in pointing out the problem areas.

With few exceptions, who do you know that doesn’t have a mobile phone or tablet?  Most mobile devices are within arm’s reach 22 plus hours per day.  This is a VERY good reason to make sure your Website is mobile compliant.  When it is, the biggest benefit is that your conversions will begin to rise, and this is attributed to your Website being mobile compliant.

And speaking of compliance and conversions, for those potential customers who call you, make sure you don’t have dead air (silence) when they are placed on hold.  Your message on hold can include calls to action which will also drive your conversions up, as well as making it easy and convenient for your customers by letting them hear driving directions, your operating hours, and any specials you may be running.