Hands Free Message on Hold Updates

Tired of waiting for your new on hold message to arrive in the mail? Well, wait no more!

Whether it’s a cassette tape or CD, physical media is still widely used in the message on hold industry. Why? Because some of that old technology is still out there in the field… working hard for the businesses who utilize professional on hold marketing services.

And, although remote phone on hold message updating is not a new concept (we’ve been using analog phone lines to send updated on hold messages remotely for years), there have been major advancements in the actual technology (both hardware and software) now being used to update messages on hold.

Manufacturers such as Premier Technologies (one of the leaders in on hold messaging technology) offers their Hybrid 7600, which is a solid-state Music On Hold player that can receive new on hold messages via Ethernet connection or USB flash drive. This rack mounted On Hold player is ideal for applications that require distribution of messages on hold over an IP network to multiple locations.

Other manufacturers that offer this type of equipment include Nel-Tech Labs, Synectix and others.

These state-of-the-art message on hold players offer convenience, security and reliability to users including Fortune 500 companies.

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