Freshen Your Email Campaign

Email marketing is getting a surge from an unexpected source – the social media channels. Most consumers are still reporting they want to receive promotional marketing messages through email, and there is a trend appearing . . .  they are sharing those messages through social networks. Consumers are also Liking/Friending favorite brands too, so it makes sense for marketers to ride the fence in the email/social line.

Integrated marketing across the board is critical and it’s the awesome part of the digital age because integration and data management are much simpler now.  There is a noticeable and measurable spike in requests from customers to re-purpose content across a variety of channels to produce an integrated campaign. It is no doubt the next logical wave from the branding revolution in the past decade.

The first priority for marketers is the optimization of messages offering content that customers actually want. Don’t throw a message about back-to-school sales to customers whose children have grown up, for example.

You must create content that has meaning and value for your customers. If your goal is to make something go viral, you probably have already failed. Your goal should be to do something great for your customers.

NEVER forget those social links . . . make it simple for customers to find and share your content, deals and information with their network.

As for the actual messaging, subject lines are still paramount.  Mobile functionality is a growing concern, too.

Subject lines will always matter because they are the first impression that a consumer has of your offer.  Images and proper landing page links are all part of the basics in Email Marketing. Aside from that, mobile email is a game changer.  Consumers use mobile and smartphones to text and read or send email. There are significant design implications with mobile email.  However, as mentioned, technology and platforms make it a cinch to be compliant and up to date to please your customers/consumers.

So always TEST how your content is displaying before sending it out.  Always make your content relevant by personalizing it using data from your customer lists so that the right message is relevant and reaches the right consumer/customer.

Keeping your on hold messages fresh is equally important. Stale messages on hold can give callers a stale impression of your business.