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We don’t put callers on hold. Your callers are very lucky!  Most businesses report that 70% of all calls are placed on hold at some point.  This means that you will have to put someone on hold – then what would they hear?  8 of 10 first time callers will hang up if they hear only music or “dead air.”  1/3 of these callers won’t bother calling back. AAA Phone On Hold messages can reduce caller hang-ups.

We only need one message – we never change our message. Your business stays current with the latest products, technologies and services…right? You also update your print, radio, web and TV ads, don’t you?  For best results, your phone on hold messages should change at least as often as your other advertising. AAA Phone On Hold messaging works in synergy with your print, radio, web and TV ads.

Our customers already know what we offer. That’s great!  But how many of your callers can actually name more than one of the products or services you offer? 41% of American consumers have initiated a purchase over the phone in the last year and 18% of callers made a buying decision based on what they heard while on hold.  AAA Phone On Hold messaging informs your callers about more than just the obvious aspects of your business.

We already do lots of advertising. Then you know how expensive other types of advertising can be.  With AAA Phone On Hold messaging, you can provide proven point of sale marketing for less than 82 cents per day! Message on hold services are extremely cost effective!

We need a way to attract new customers. Not all your callers are customers. AAA Phone On Hold can turn prospects into customers. And you don’t ignore your customers once they enter your store, do you?  Then why would you ignore them while they’re on hold? AAA Phone On Hold messaging points customers in the right direction, so they can make better buying decisions.

We tried it before and it didn’t work for us. Did you measure the impact it had on your business?  It’s easy to do, simply mention a slow moving item in your message on hold.  AAA Phone On Hold messaging can increase sales by creating “top of mind” awareness.

We just have our manager record his voice on our VOIP system. That might work for some home based businesses, but even small businesses want to make a BIG impression.  AAA Phone On Hold messages digitally recorded with national voice talents prove to callers that you are as professional as your competition.

Our current on hold provider limits our productions to eight/30 second paragraphs. Not us! AAA Phone On Hold allows up to 6 minutes of audio in each production – and we don’t limit the length or number of paragraphs within those 6 minutes. You can have as much voice content as you wish!

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