Facebook, Twitter ads, is it too much (for your visitors)?

If you’re a small business owner and you are working with a limited marketing budget you need to get the most bang for your advertising buck. And right now, marketing through social media advertising is hot and could be one of the most effective strategies for your business.

If you haven’t explored the idea of social media advertising – through sites such as Facebook, Twitter or any of the myriad social media sites that keep popping up, now might be a good time to look into its merits. According to a survey, many companies said they have dabbled in social media advertising. As with all advertising and marketing, you need to identify your demographic, identify your company’s goals with its advertising, choose the most effective social media channel, and ultimately you need to measure the results.
Regardless of whether you are a product or service provider or if you just want to bring in additional ad revenue social media advertising can be an effective tool in your marketing budget.
Currently, Facebook is still one of the largest social media networking sites. It stands to reason, if you advertise on Facebook, you have a good likelihood of reaching a targeted group of users – again, you need to know your demographic.
The typical Facebook user spends close to 20 minutes a day on Facebook. There is a pay per click platform on the site, but you need to target the ads to obtain maximum return on your investment.
As an entrepreneur you should be looking at social media advertising – chose websites, blogs and other social platforms that closely relate to your business model.
While advertising on a social media site might make good fiscal sense you need to take into consideration that your “friends” or “fans” may not want to see ads even though they have the option of not clicking them and therefore can ignore them.
Nielsen says social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have changed the nature of advertising by making it more “social.” In other words, it’s not Big Company A or Huge Company B trying to sell me something, it’s on a Facebook or Twitter business that I specifically sought out and “friended” or “followed.” By virtue of the fact that the individuals who have made the decision to follow you on any of the social media sites, they are more likely to look kindly upon any advertising they might see there.
Bottom line, if you’ve built up a legion of friends and fans and followers for your business on your social networking sites, they would be the ones most likely to “listen” to your advertising message. You’ll never know until you try and you just might be pleasantly surprised at your ROI.
Mention your social media and websites in your messages on hold to help drive traffic and keep the conversation going. On hold messaging is an essential part of your marketing strategy.