Facebook Search vs Google Search?

Is Facebook building a search engine that will rival Google?

Facebook is in their quiet period right now because of their impending IPO.  However, this just makes total sense that they would do this especially now that they are approaching 1 billion users.

Think of how this would impact your business.  People searching your business or niche via Facebook has many advantages.  Especially if you are doing a location based search; it would use your location and your friends’ tastes.

A team of more than 20 Facebook engineers — led by a former Google programmer — is at work on a vastly improved search engine within the site, according to a Businessweek report.

The idea, according to two sources, is to take better advantage of the mountains of content Facebook users create on — and off — the site every day.  Facebook users are using their mobile devices to navigate their profiles by a steep climb upwards every month sharing status updates and supporting business brand pages on the network.

Don’t forget the almighty Facebook “Like” button to mark articles and videos from external sites, there is certainly a lot for Facebook to take advantage of, but more importantly you as a business owner should be paying full attention.

Google has continued to try and get its hat in the ring in the social space.  Its latest effort was launching the Google + network last fall which still did not even slow Facebook down.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has consistently downplayed the level of direct competition between Facebook and Google. “I don’t think that this is going to be the type of situation when one company wins all this stuff,” he told Charlie Rose of PBS last fall.

If the Businessweek report is true, however, it will add yet another area of heightened competitive overlap between the two Silicon Valley giants.

And let’s not forget that Facebook got more traffic than the Google network for the first time last year.

So if you have been hesitating getting your Facebook business page launched, now is the best time to get off the fence.  When Facebook finishes their IPO it will be global news and traffic to the network will be bigger than ever before.

Do you think your business could benefit?  I think so . . . especially since it’s free with no risk.

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