Email Automation

The latest Marketing Email Census reveals that, despite being a “no brainer” in terms of increased revenues and ROI, the use of automated email triggers for abandoned shopping carts is low.

Companies that use automatically triggered emails for abandoned shopping carts say that it is the best form of automation, bar none. Yet, according to the findings only 13% use them.

Brands that don’t use automated email are clearly losing out on ROI.

Website owners that use email to re-engage those who have fallen out of sales funnel are significantly more likely to report higher levels of ROI.  Companies that don’t have any of these automation techniques implemented are much more likely to rate email as being poor for generating increased revenues and ROI.

The strong correlation between increased revenues, increased ROI and use of email triggers is clearly a “no-brainer”.  Companies that are not utilizing just have not been shown the way.

When asked which triggers prompted emails several options were given ranging from welcome programs to date notifications, such as birthdays. Disappointingly, over a third (37%) of companies said that none of the options presented applied to their business. Responses were as follows:

Welcome programs – 31%
Response to sign-up/site visit – 28%
Reactivating lapsed customers – 23%
Timed content across sales cycle – 18%
Selling complementary products – 15%
Up sell – 14%
Abandoned shopping cart – 13%
Content downloaded – 12%
Click-through but no purchase – 10%
Content viewed on-site – 10%
Subscription renewal programs – 10%
Date notifications (birthdays) – 9%
None of the above – 37%

Optimistically companies will catch on to automated email triggers.  It is relatively simple to implement and delivers significant returns.  In other words, increasing response and ROI while being able to reduce traditional advertising by 50% or more.  Do your research now and start enjoying greater returns.

On hold messages also provide excellent ROI when used correctly.