Direct Your Call To Action

Business calls to action are the rock solid foundation of call to action marketing. A good call to action can mean the difference to your website visitors inexorably falling through your sales funnel or checking themselves out within seconds. So how do you design the best call to action?

What is a call to action?

A call to action is text or an image with text that asks your website visitors to take a specific action.

Call to action definition

1. A good call to action has all of these 5 things:

2. Clear action request

3. Great design

4. Urgency

5. Click-a-bility

6. What’s In It For Me statement

How can a call to action help my small business?

Most visitors to your site are not ready to buy, they are looking for information, advice or encouragement to interact with you more. A good call to action gives them this opportunity.

How naughty am I for not having calls to action on most of my small business website pages?


Does “call us” count as a good call to action?

No, call us or email us is not very interesting to most of your website visitors and there’s a lot of friction to stop people from calling (they are too busy, can’t be bothered, don’t want to talk to someone right now).

How can I get calls to action on my website?

Create an image (PowerPoint is great for this), add a hyperlink to the image, and have the hyperlink connect to a form where your readers will provide their email for you to send them their free resource.

So what makes a great call to action?

An offer of free business information or business advice, in an easy-to-digest format. This could be a free checklist, eBook, access to a webinar, or even a consultation or free trial.

Call to action examples

Examples of good calls to action are “click here to download ….” or “click to add your details” or “click to access ….”. Each time we are showing people what to do: click something, and telling them why they should do that: to download etc. Another example using your on hold message could be “ask for your free consultation when we return to the line.”

What is a call to action button?

Rather than just asking people to “click here” give them a specific button to aim for although you should make the whole graphic clickable, giving readers something specific to aim for, like a call to action button makes it super clear what they need to do.

Are calls to action only on websites?

No, you can use calls to action in your email signatures, and even in documents. You can even use different kinds of calls to action in the conversations you have with clients and prospects on the phone. And, don’t forget about your print, TV, and radio ads, as well as your on hold messages.

What are the benefits of calls to action?

Great calls to action give your audience something of value and in return they provide information (usually their email address). You can establish your credibility by offering excellent information to your clients and prospects and you start the process of interacting with them with excellent calls to action.