Communication Statistics

Ever wondered how many people are using “the holy trinity” of social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)? How about the number of internet users? Do you know how many people have mobile devices?

According to Facebook, as of May 2017 there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide. There are more than 1.5 billion active daily users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. And, on Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18% higher than the rest of the week.

On Twitter, more than 500 million tweets are written every day. In recent years, Twitter has played a valuable role in global communications during crucial events.

The popular business professionals’ platform known as LinkedIn has more than 500 million users from over 200 countries. They report that they are adding 2 million new members each week, which is approximately 2 new members every second.

What do all these numbers mean? I’m sure there is someone out there busy doing studies that will answer just that. We interpret these statistics to mean that the internet is still growing – still evolving – and still an important way of connecting people to people, businesses to businesses, and people to businesses. Are you utilizing these resources for your business? Are you ready to find out what the next big social media site will be?

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