Holidays Bring Mostly Good News

Dec, 09, 2015 bruce Blog, Uncategorized 0
holiday ornaments

It’s been a good year for business, but in other news things haven’t been so great. Americans may not feel as safe as they once did… but, stocks continue to rise, gas prices have dropped to levels not seen since 2009, and employers added more than 200,000 new jobs. Nearly a fourth of the jobs …

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2014 Showed Growth for Us, Thanks to You

Jan, 13, 2015 bruce Blog, Uncategorized 0
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The preliminary numbers are already in and it’s looking good! According to our bean counters’ initial report, AAA Phone On Hold experienced a growth of more than 11% over 2013. This is a real indication that the economy is improving at a rate higher than most media outlets are reporting. How can we say that? …

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10 Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Nov, 10, 2014 bruce Uncategorized 0
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When is it too early to market for the holidays? Should we mention specific holidays by name or is it alright just to say, “Happy holidays?” Will my marketing message be heard or will it be drowned out by all the other advertisements on TV, radio, print and online? What type of advertising works best …

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New hands-free players going to client locations

Aug, 18, 2014 bruce Uncategorized 0
versaplay with AAA logo

The new hands-free message player is being sent to 4 new client locations today. The manufacturer (ProDigital Mfg.) sent us a photo of one of the units before it shipped. We think they look great!

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Old Message Player Technology No Longer Supported

May, 12, 2014 bruce Blog, Uncategorized 0

Much like technology giant Microsoft, who ended support for its popular Windows XP last month, manufacturers of on hold message players have placed some of their older technology into their “legacy” category of products. This means they will no longer provide technical support for these on hold message players, due to the players’ outdated technology. …

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Welcome to All Our New Clients

Apr, 28, 2014 bruce Blog, Uncategorized 0
people faces painting

We’d like to say thank you and welcome to all of our new clients! In no particular order, they are: Holston Gases (24 locations) * Southwest Smiles Family Dental * JO-Kell, Inc – newest location in Richmond, VA * AlignLife Natural Health (2 locations) * Stamps Auto (5 locations) * Fresno Oxygen/Barnes Welding – new …

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Cross-Promotion with Telecom Companies

Jan, 16, 2014 bruce Blog, Uncategorized 0
phone plug

AAA Phone On Hold is seeking telecommunications companies we can tell our clients about. What is cross-promotion? Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says, “Cross-promotion is a form of marketing promotion where customers of one product or service are targeted with promotion of a related product. A typical example is cross-media marketing of a brand, for example …

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"Your on hold message and music are wonderful and patients comment on its effectiveness. Many thanks"

- Cathy Poulos, North Scottsdale Family Dentistry.

"Thank you for being everything you claim to be. Total satisfaction has been achieved."

- Mike Mortell, General Manager of Lehman, Inc.

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