Blogging is Hard Work

Adding fresh and original content to your blog consistently takes time (and sometimes money).

Running a small business takes so much time, in fact, it often seems like there isn’t enough time in a day to complete all the things you want to accomplish. When this happens, blogging falls way down on our list of priorities. We used to pay outside sources to write our blog posts, but it just didn’t work out the way we hoped. So, last year we began writing our own blog posts and/or republishing (with permission) interesting articles we found on the web.

Well, it turns out the search engines don’t like it when you republish articles. In order to maintain optimum search results the content must be original.

So, to keep Google happy, we will do our best to keep our blog up-to-date with fresh, ORIGINAL information about online marketing, social media, environmental responsibility, on hold messaging and other subjects we find interesting.

Thanks for checking in with us.