How Is Your Back End?

Sorry for the blunt and inappropriate sounding question. What I am referring to is your marketing back end.

When a visitor lands on your business website, your next question should be, “What now?”

Think about this for a moment . . . let’s use YOU as an example. Other than search engines like Google or other search websites that you will go back to over and over again, statistically you will not go back to 98.7% of other websites you visit. You’ll go there one time and not ever return. That is a statistical and scientific fact, by the way.

Let’s dissect a little further as to WHY that is the case.

Think back to the days of when we used the Yellow Pages more than we did the Internet or even before the Internet as we know it.

Let’s say you needed legal counsel and you looked that category up in the Yellow Pages. Many of them will be full page ads. And you know what, they are all me too ads. They all say the same thing. And usually it is all about them, hours of operation, how they are the best etc. But, notice they ALL look the same. So how are you supposed to know from those ads who you should consult with?

Stay with me here because this will be one of the most valuable changes you could make to your website or any other type of marketing.

Take those legal Yellow Page ads or websites that all look the same, then all of a sudden you run into one that offers a FREE report titled: “DISCOVER The 5 Critical Things You Need To Do First . . . (you could finish the title).”

And all you had to do was fill in a short form with your email to get instant information. You would probably do that right? I know I would. That stands out from any other website or ad you saw. This ALWAYS WINS over “me too” ads.

You have a pressing problem and you want information NOW.

Here’s the thing . . . all of those websites you visited and left . . . the website owners have NO CLUE you were there. They are waiting for you to call. If you don’t call, then they have lost not only your business, but their marketing dollars are going you know where.

When you offer a solution to your visitor’s problem in the way of a report that they easily opt-in for, now you have the visitor’s attention.

And guess what? Now the website owner knows that you were there because when you opt-in they are notified. The whole process is non-obtrusive for both parties. Can you see why a website visitor would choose your site if you offered a report that sounded like a solution to their problem and what they can do about it? Especially if your competitors did not do this. You stand above the crowd of “me too’s.”

Think about it. If you went to 10 websites looking for a solution and ONLY one had this free report, what would you do? What is your instant reaction?

Potential customers follow the path of least resistance to their problem or challenge.

And not only does your opt-in form capture your potential customers name and email, but you can easily set an email autoresponder system up with follow up messages that are prewritten that are sent on a schedule that you choose all automatically.

Always remember this statement:

“To Convert I Must Capture”

Repeat that again. Repeat it seven times or more. Never forget this.

Repeat it every day.

Even if you are not running a campaign to drive new visitors to your website currently, you will find setting this up that your frequent visitors to your website will opt-in. As a result, you now have given your marketing efforts much more horsepower, and can even cut your traditional advertising expenses by 50% or more.

Why you say? Because simply having this type of system in place with automated email follow up will increase your frequency of visits and transaction amounts will rise. It really can be magical.

It is widely known in the marketing world that your message must be seen or heard at a minimum of five to seven times before a potential customer will take action.

Once this system is set up, it won’t matter if you are in the south of France. It is the best employee you will have ever had because it will never ask for a break, and it will work 24 hours around the clock all 365 days of the year.

Remember you don’t work for your website, but rather it should work for you.

And don’t forget you can make your message on hold work for you too. It is not just about branding or your hours of operation etc. Give your callers on hold a call to action. For example a free report like we have talked about just for visiting your website. Simple to do and if it resulted in just one more transaction a month from that customer . . . well do you see how those revenues go right to the bottom line of profits. Some simple tweaking and you can see gains of 30% more per year just by setting this system up.

By the way probably two of the best email opt-in auto-responder systems in existence today are (my favorite and most affordable), and (great system with lots of bells and whistles).

So tell me again, “How’s Your Back End Doing? Is It Working For You Instead Of You Working For It?”