R U On The Customer End Of Ur Social Media Marketing?

If you really want to know if your social media marketing efforts are working, then it is a good idea for you to try and be your own customer.

Not only should you spend time being a consumer of your products and services, you should also be a consumer of your own marketing which in today’s digital world includes Social Media and its giant sister Mobile Phones. Think of your marketing efforts as another service offering. Is your social media content and offerings really a valuable service itself? Is it being offered to the right audience? Are you measuring it? If not, you should.

Social Media is not about whether you do it or not. Instead it is about how well you do it. It will make the difference of whether you are still in business a couple of years from now. It has that much impact. Think Social Media is a fad? Check out SocialMediaPays.Com to find out.

How often do you go back to check your own offerings or content for something you posted in the past? If you do, it is a good indication that you have actually posted valuable information. If you never go back to reference your own content yourself, it probably is not valuable for your readership, customers or clients either.

The same is true for your Social Media network accounts. How often do you check your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+? If the answer is “never”, then maybe the content you are sharing isn’t as valuable as you think it is. In other words, be your own customer.

Lots of Fortune 500 companies utilize influence scores (Klout.Com), re-tweet or like/share metrics, but the easiest measurement of metrics is to look at your own behavior. If you never go back to look at your own content (i.e., you find no value in what you offer or publish), chances are that no one else does either. You can begin improving your Social Media marketing by publishing things that are of value to you. Do that and you’ll automatically begin sharing information and offers that are of value to your clients, customers and readership.

If you want to track what is being said about you or your company try out one of the best Social Media monitoring tools at Trackur.Com and take advantage of a generous FREE trial (no credit card required). It is so valuable to KNOW what your fans, clients and customers are saying that you could put it like this: “It Doesn’t Cost – It Pays!”

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes. You hate it when you are placed on hold and there’s only SILENCE, right? It sounds like they hung up on you. But, if you hear a professional on hold message, at least you know they’ll be back to help you. In fact, you may even learn something about the company you are calling while listening to their messages on hold.