Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

  • Why successful and responsive advertising is rarely beautiful, creative advertising
  • Why an extremely simple action tool called AIDA can double, triple, and quadruple the responses you get from your advertising

You don’t need to blow your budget

It is never the intention to blow your budget for the smallest of returns. Often marketers are left scratching their head wondering why the miracle never happened and will conclude that advertising doesn’t work.

Well, I have NEWS for you . . . It does.  Everyone still loves responding to advertising,  just not the unimaginative, ill targeted ones or the over-the-top creative ones.

This post is not meant to be cynical. But, this just happens to be the outcome, after discussing with many different businesses who are trying to figure out why their advertising failed to pull in the responses.

This doesn’t need to happen to you!

There is no way to guarantee winning advertising, but at least you can get some cool and killer tips to increase your chance of much higher response.

Let’s start with AIDA – an incredibly powerful copy writing tool

It’s a tricky one, because there is a lot of exciting ground to cover. Let’s start with a fantastic tool I use when writing adverts. It’s called AIDA. It was developed by the copywriting pioneer Robert E Ramsay way back in 1922. AIDA stands for:


Why your ads need to have AIDA at their heart

AIDA is the mental process a person goes through before they buy into the content of your advertising. It’s what they’re thinking while reading your advertising.

Your advertising has to take the reader through the AIDA process in seconds otherwise you’ll lose them.


Start by grabbing attention with your… attention grabbing headline. Good headlines are 95% of the reason the advertising gets read at all.


You must build on the reader’s interest with your proposition. How? Two or three compelling benefits underpinned by genuine facts and figures about the power of your offer.


Build this with your value drenched irresistible special offer or your equally value drenched giveaway. Add some genuine customer feedback. One or two meaty, unedited lines are more than enough.


The final stage of AIDA is that all-important action. You have to make it clear to your reader what you want them to do next. This means having your contact details, the terms and conditions of any special offers, your website details, social media profiles and telephone number available. While readers are linked by their need for you, you can bet your bottom dollar they will have different response preferences. I like to telephone, you like to e-mail. I like to check out on Twitter, you like to go straight to the website. Make it easy for your now hot prospect to book a meeting; request a quote, take advantage of their free session or your incredible offer, etc.

I can guarantee that if you use the AIDA model when writing advertisements you’ll be well and truly on the road to copywriting that really does sell and pull higher response.

Your on hold messages are included in this, as well. Be sure to keep AIDA in mind when writing scripts for your messages on hold.

Here’s your challenge

Whip out your last batch of adverts and evaluate them against the AIDA model.

  • Is there room for improvement?
  • Can you see the glaring mistakes?
  • Ah, now I know where I went wrong!