Get Almost Anything For $5

Have you ever had the need for any of the following services?

Like Writers, Graphic Design, Keyword Research, Back-linking, Facebook, Twitter, Submission Services, Programmers or Traffic Generation. And the list goes on.

The fact is if you ever plan on growing your business and don’t want to be stuck at your desk all day then you really need to outsource certain tasks.

Quick question . . . can you do everything yourself? And if you can, do you want to?

I can’t do everything and you probably can’t either.  In fact, most business can’t and if you can you are extremely skilled.

Even if you could, the question is should you do everything yourself? You may know how to repair your own car, but as a busy entrepreneur, it it really the best use of your time?  The answer is resoundingly NO, unless auto repair is your business. And even then, you know the old saying about the mechanic whose car is always in need of repair – he’s so busy working on other people’s cars, he has no time to repair his own.

The point is that often other people can perform certain tasks better, faster and with more accurate results than we can.  Just watch one episode of Undercover Boss on TV and you’ll see CEO’s flopping left and right.  They make big bucks running the company, but cannot do some of the everyday tasks to save their lives. Yet these tasks must be completed, or else the business will fall apart.

No worries though, you aren’t expected to do it all.

When you do need tasks performed though, since we are coming out of one of the worst economies this country has ever known, wouldn’t it be nice to get them done for $5 each?

You bet it would!  I am talking about tasks that normal employees would cost much more to perform the same tasks. Or, tasks that you only need done once in a while. Tasks that hiring someone to do in-house would be a waste of money, because you don’t need it done often enough to justify another employee on the payroll.FiverrI found this nifty site a little over one year ago.  And the money I have saved you can’t even count anymore.  There are so many people with great skill sets on FIVERR that are willing to perform tasks for $5 that you could not get anywhere else.

And it will make your business life so much easier.  Get over there today and get those tasks done that you have been putting off for so long.  Enjoy!

And, don’t forget that AAA Phone On Hold will make a QR code for your business for only $5 each.  You can then use your QR code on all of your printed advertising so that anyone with a smart phone can scan it and be immediately directed to a page on your website, or automatically dial your phone number (so they can hear your on hold messages), or view a special text message, or any number of options. All this for only $5!

With resources like Fiverr and AAA Phone On Hold, $5 goes a lot further than you might have thought it would before.