5 tips for adding social media into your marketing campaign

If you use social media correctly, your customers will be able to find you and your business will soar!

You’ve tried everything when it comes to marketing your business – ads in the local paper, yellow page ads, postcards, telemarketing, etc. but did you know that if you incorporate social media into your marketing campaign you can help your business soar? Once you know your demographic, you can better determine where to target your social media strategy. Using social media could be as simple as placing buttons on your website that let your customers know they can find you on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. In addition to simply letting those buttons sit passively on your site, you need to market your business through those social sites.

Your customers are becoming more internet savvy every day and they like the idea that reading your Facebook posts or Tweets that they can learn a little more about you. It’s the personal touch that could turn a “looker” into a customer. Communicating with your clients through social media is a great relationship builder.
Now you’re probably wondering how to effectively implement a social media strategy into your existing marketing campaign, right? Like any campaign you need to establish a vision and your branding before you jump in. Here are a few of our favorite social media practices.
1. Blog all about it — if you have a business, you likely have a website and a great way to add more value for your audience is to provide original or business related content on a blog. A blog can drive traffic to your home page and also opens the doors for dialogue between you and your potential clients.
2. LinkedIn — depending on your demographic, you might reach your clients through this medium’s professional network. Make certain your business has a profile on LinkedIn. Get your employees involved; they should all have LinkedIn pages that list your company as their employer and that will link back to your company profile and garner you more connections. Participate in the online discussion posted there.
3. SEO content – being found online is more than a matter of happenstance. Using keywords on your website and in your blog posts are an integral part of your business being found when an individual is online doing a search. Google offers free keyword-finding tool that you can use.
4. Facebook — you may already have a personal Facebook page but you now need to make a Facebook Fan Page for your business and then go forth and find “likers” (similar to friends on a personal page) for your business page. Yes, Facebook is more social than LinkedIn and you can be a little more personal but remember everything you post reflects on your business so be judicious about your personal posts.
5. Tweeting about it — Twitter is a micro-blogging tool on which you can simply refer to articles you’ve read or on which you can post a 140-character status update about your business. You can also find other businesses and individuals that have the same business beliefs you practice and you can follow them. It might be hard to keep up with what everyone is Tweeting about on a daily basis, but you certainly want your business to be part of the conversation that’s swirling around.
These are just a few of the many tools available to help you implement a social media marketing campaign that’s guaranteed to spread the word about your business across the internet. Don’t be overwhelmed by the choices or the work involved it’s all worthwhile when it comes to growing your business and keeping up with the competition.
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