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10 Tips on Increasing Prices While Keeping Customers

May, 29, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Any business owner wants to make more profits and increasing prices is a way to do that. But the biggest reason businesses don’t raise their prices is the fear that if they do, their customers will go elsewhere.  It makes sense; you spend a lot of time building up a customer base and attracting people to …

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6 Important Content Marketing Tips

May, 21, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Content marketing, otherwise known as article marketing is an attractive online strategy for small business owners because it involves organic (free) marketing tactics. Here are a few fundamental rules of online marketing, specifically involving content, that virtually never change and are extremely helpful to know: 1. Mix It Up It’s always a smart thing to …

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Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

May, 14, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Why successful and responsive advertising is rarely beautiful, creative advertising Why an extremely simple action tool called AIDA can double, triple, and quadruple the responses you get from your advertising You don’t need to blow your budget It is never the intention to blow your budget for the smallest of returns. Often marketers are left …

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Optimize Email for Mobile Users

May, 07, 2012 bruce Blog 0

The need to optimize email for mobile users is even more important (even urgent) than ever before in digital history. There is a sharp increase in people viewing email on their mobile devices rather than on webmail or desktops, and that trend will continue to climb into the double digits. Surveys across the Internet reveal …

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