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Track Social Media Traffic

Mar, 30, 2012 bruce Blog 0
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Okay, so you’ve got your website up and running and now you want to get the traffic going.  But will you track those visitors? Do you know where they come from, how engaged they are with your website or if they have converted as a reader, subscriber or customer? You CAN and you SHOULD. You …

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Email Automation

Mar, 23, 2012 bruce Blog 0

The latest Marketing Email Census reveals that, despite being a “no brainer” in terms of increased revenues and ROI, the use of automated email triggers for abandoned shopping carts is low. Companies that use automatically triggered emails for abandoned shopping carts say that it is the best form of automation, bar none. Yet, according to …

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HTML5 & Mobile Devices

Mar, 17, 2012 bruce Blog 0

In Facebook‘s IPO statement filed in February 2012, they state, “We had more than 425 million mobile monthly active users in December 2011.” Yes that’s millions of people on a daily basis walking around staring into tiny screens. This should also signal something very important to you as a Website owner: it’s in your very …

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Pinterest Promotions

Mar, 10, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Have you heard of the latest Social Media phenomenon?  It’s called Pinterest.Com . Clever, yet simple.  Thousands of members at first, and now millions. What is the activity at Pinterest?  Pinning photo’s and images on your profile and categorizing them for others to view, LIKE and share. How does it apply to your business?  Well, …

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Location-based vs. Hosted VoIP PBX?

Mar, 01, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Hosted VoIP solutions are becoming much more popular among small and large businesses. The following four benefits are what make hosted VoIP solutions increasingly more popular: No requirement for the higher upfront investments Flexibility to add, change or delete users on the fly No need for maintenance contracts or dedicated IT staff Ability to have …

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