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Gorgeous Web Pages In An Hour

Feb, 24, 2012 bruce Blog 0

How many times have you felt like pulling your hair out trying to create great looking web pages for your Website, but either you did not know how to do it or felt like you were being held hostage by your webmaster with very expensive design services? Those days are over my friend.  Technology keeps …

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Get Almost Anything For $5

Feb, 20, 2012 bruce Blog 0
5 dollar in hand

Have you ever had the need for any of the following services? Like Writers, Graphic Design, Keyword Research, Back-linking, Facebook, Twitter, Submission Services, Programmers or Traffic Generation. And the list goes on. The fact is if you ever plan on growing your business and don’t want to be stuck at your desk all day then …

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QR Codes Can Help Market Your Business

Feb, 13, 2012 bruce Blog 1

For many of you, seeing those funny looking codes showing up everywhere might have had you scratching your head wondering what they were. They are called QR codes.  QR stands for “Quick Response.” Do you know the size of the mobile phone world now?  It is BIG and growing with no end in sight. And …

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How Is Your Back End?

Feb, 03, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Sorry for the blunt and inappropriate sounding question. What I am referring to is your marketing back end. When a visitor lands on your business website, your next question should be, “What now?” Think about this for a moment . . . let’s use YOU as an example. Other than search engines like Google or …

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