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Marketing Kits That Sell

Dec, 22, 2012 bruce Blog 0

* Why a Marketing Kit? * What Should be Included in a Marketing Kit? * How to Tell Your Story * Create “Knock Your Socks Off” Materials * It Takes Money to Make Money Market yourself like crazy! Only you can create awareness of your company, products and services with clever marketing materials, unique ways …

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Call To Action Content Writing

Nov, 15, 2012 bruce Blog 0

* 10 Quick and Easy Ideas to Create Content in 30 Minutes Or Less * How to Build a Stronger Relationship With Your Readers * One Drop Dead Simple Way to Produce a New Article in 15 Minutes Content is currency online… especially when it’s attention grabbing and entertaining. How can you be prolific, especially …

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Turn Marketing Into More Profits

Oct, 10, 2012 bruce Blog 0

* What you need in place to generate prospects * Turning prospects and leads into money! * Map out the buying process for your customers * Package up your expertise for more streams of income * Make more money by providing what your clients want to buy Once you’ve got your marketing funnel in place …

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New Order of Selling

Sep, 30, 2012 bruce Blog 0

* Become the architect of tomorrow’s business relationships. * Create new and extraordinary customer experiences. * Make these experiences intentional. With the increased pace of technology bewildering many businesses it can be difficult to maintain focus on providing an extraordinary customer experience when your customers have embraced these new technologies but your business hasn’t. Many …

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Weird Marketing in the Field

Aug, 24, 2012 bruce Blog 0

* Timeless marketing and promotional tips from the weirdest of places. * Unusual ways to get attention of those who matter most… your ideal buyers. * Quick and dirty tips for standing out from the clutter that consumes your prospective clients. What’s one of the most creative industries for fun promotions? …The sports industry. And …

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11 Tips – How To Capitalize On Your Website Content

Jul, 17, 2012 bruce Blog 0

* Content marketing is the currency for free online traffic. Find out how to capitalize on it. * You need more than content. You need to establish a connection with your audience. * You can grab attention with your emails, blog, and social media even in a competitive marketplace. Content is similar to currency online. …

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Direct Your Call To Action

Jul, 10, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Business calls to action are the rock solid foundation of call to action marketing. A good call to action can mean the difference to your website visitors inexorably falling through your sales funnel or checking themselves out within seconds. So how do you design the best call to action? What is a call to action? …

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7 Ways to Improve Calls To Action

Jul, 03, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Many online marketers look at the call to action as a critical gateway to sales.  This is a pretty accurate assessment.  Calls to action are commands designed to trigger a desired action.  They let visitors to your site know exactly what you want them to do. But, it’s not as simple as telling them to …

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Top 10 List For Your 2012 Social Media Strategy

Jun, 26, 2012 bruce Blog 0

Unlike a few years ago, the line between SEO and social media is starting to blur. Google and Bing are using social signals more than ever in their ranking algorithms; and they’re not only monitoring what’s happening off your site, but also what’s happening on it. Today, a good SEO strategy is incomplete without a …

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Tips for Marketing on the “Other” Social Sites

Jun, 18, 2012 bruce Blog 0

In this article you’ll learn the following: * How to leverage Pinterest, Digg and more to grow your biz * Important tips to get the most out of your social marketing efforts * Google+ marketing benefits revealed Most people know about popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, there are many underutilized …

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