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Twitter Marketing Tips

May, 23, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Twitter has become a high activity social zone on the web; no wonder Internet marketers are taking full advantage of it. Below are some Twitter marketing tips that you can use to get started. When you join in with the Twitter community and begin building a network, be sure you work on letting people know …

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Facebook, Twitter ads, is it too much (for your visitors)?

May, 20, 2011 bruce Blog 0

If you’re a small business owner and you are working with a limited marketing budget you need to get the most bang for your advertising buck. And right now, marketing through social media advertising is hot and could be one of the most effective strategies for your business. If you haven’t explored the idea of …

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Grow your business, enhance your bottom line, with barter

May, 11, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Whether you work through a direct trade or through an exchange bartering can boost your business’s bottom line without spending a lot of cash. If you’re looking to expand your business connections and bring in new clients, barter is an excellent way to grow. By becoming involved with barter, you can more fully spread the …

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Communication Statistics

May, 04, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Ever wondered how many people are using “the holy trinity” of social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)? How about the number of internet users? Do you know how many people have mobile devices? According to Facebook, they now serve more than 500 million “active” users worldwide. That’s the equivalent of 7 percent of the global …

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