Monthly Archives: April 2011

Are you utilizing your most valuable “real estate”?

Apr, 22, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Sending out an email newsletter? Take advantage of that electronic ‘real estate!’ “Location, location, location,” it’s the real estate agents’ mantra but did you know that every business owner has “real estate” that needs to be utilized to its fullest? It is your email; whether you send out email fliers, email newsletters or simply correspond …

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10 marketing tips for your small business

Apr, 13, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Who has time for marketing? You may not have time, but you certainly need to make the time. Here are ten simple tips to market your business more effectively. Marketing your business is almost a full time job and you have enough to do just actually running your business, right? We’ve found ten ways to …

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A Few Words About Branding

Apr, 04, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Marketing is not branding. Branding is about designing your business, so as to create a foundation from which marketing can do its work. Branding is about creating the word. Marketing is about getting the word out. Branding sets the stage for being relevant, meaningful, exclusive, and most of all memorable. It’s about acknowledging or creating …

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