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6 Mistakes Businesses Make when Prospects Call

Feb, 23, 2011 bruce Blog 0

You’ve spent considerable time, effort and yes, money, in an attempt to market your business. Perhaps you’ve run ads in the local paper, participated in networking groups, gone on speaking engagements and even made cold calls. Your efforts have paid off, though, and now the phones are ringing with people requesting your goods or services. …

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7 Tips to Build Brand Trust

Feb, 16, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Building trust is an important part of your branding and marketing strategy. But how do you do it? Here are 7 tips that will show you how. Did you ever wonder if your customers trust your brand? Do potential customers know what your brand is, and are you effectively conveying it to them? Whether you’re …

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Business start up tips to propel you toward success

Feb, 03, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Regardless of whether you offer a niche product, you need to have a wide audience reach in order to thrive. Choose as large a market as possible or see if you can offer additional products or services to widen your reach. When you’re starting a business there is no blueprint that will guarantee success. However, …

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On hold messaging – an integral part of your marketing plan

Feb, 01, 2011 bruce Blog 0

When you’re sitting down and putting together your marketing budget, do you think about allocating some of the money to on hold messaging? If you haven’t you should. An on hold message should be part and parcel of your marketing plan because it’s a simple, effective way to promote your business activity. When you’re sitting …

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