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Reasons Small Businesses Fail & How You Can Avoid Them

Jan, 27, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Why do small businesses fail? It’s a question many entrepreneurs ask themselves when they see their own ventures spiraling out of control. Many of the issues can be addressed by simply understanding the reasons for small business failure. We share the reasons we’ve found here, so you can avoid them in your own business venture: …

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The 5 best ways to go green at work and at home

Jan, 18, 2011 bruce Blog 0

Green practices that you implement at home can very easily be carried forward into the office and if your office complex doesn’t recycle, consider carrying your recyclables home with you. Every little bit that people do is one step toward a healthier environment. “Going green.” It’s not just a catch phrase and it’s more than …

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How to spread the word and market your business

Jan, 13, 2011 bruce Blog 0

If you just spend a few minutes a day you can come up with a marketing plan that can help carry your business forward keeping current customers and reaching out to new markets Did you know that marketing your business is almost a full time job? It is if you want to do it effectively. …

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Five free ways to spread the word about your business

Jan, 06, 2011 bruce Blog 0

There are many more ways to freely spread the word about your business but these five are a great way to get a new campaign underway. Remember, too, that your on-hold message is a great way to let customers and potential customers know what you have to offer.   When it comes to running a …

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