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On-hold message offers a unique marketing opportunity

Dec, 21, 2010 bruce Blog 0

When you remember that the average hold time is 43 seconds, the length of a radio commercial, you want to grab that opportunity to remind your customers why your business is the best one to meet their needs. Even if your caller is on his or her cell phone, they are a captive audience, so …

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5 tips to work sustainability into your business’s budget

Dec, 20, 2010 bruce Blog 0

Moving your sustainability efforts from internal to external will involve communication through social media and other outlets, such as press releases, blog posts and by word of mouth to your customers. It’s that time of year when businesses are putting together their budgets for 2011 and what better time to write in some line items …

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5 tips for holiday promotions

Dec, 15, 2010 bruce Blog 0

While sending holiday greetings and thank you’s are important this time of year, you also want to shake up your marketing tactics. Here are a few tips to consider as part of your holiday marketing plans: Even though your marketing efforts should be a year-round effort you might want to consider shaking things up for …

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5 tips to make your on hold message work for you

Dec, 12, 2010 bruce Blog 0

Rather than letting your customers become bored and lose interest while they’re waiting for you to pick up, use a message that keeps them riveted and wanting to know more when you do pick up. Gone are the days when you want your customers – and potential customers – waiting on hold on your business …

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5 tips to being a successful sales person

Dec, 11, 2010 bruce Blog 0
Increase in Sales

As a business owner you may not label yourself a sales person, but you are every entrepreneur is in his or her own way. Running a business for a living requires a consistent amount of persistence because obstacles loom on a regular basis. Speaker Brian Tracy wrote that, “a person will face the most challenging …

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Build brand awareness in 5 steps

Dec, 07, 2010 bruce Blog 0

If you’ve built a powerful brand that’s aimed at your ideal customer or prospect you can convince them to stay around your site and see what else you have to offer. A weak, or nonexistent brand, will be forgotten once they leave your site and head to the next one. Is branding your business a …

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Educate customers on green practices & help ur bottom line

Nov, 18, 2010 bruce Blog 0

It’s time for everyone to do their part for the environment. Your company is doing its part — here’s how you can involve your customers! You know you follow green practices and your employees know you do it as well, now you need to show potential customers that you follow them – it could help …

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