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Why Do You Need Phone On Hold Messaging?

As new technologies emerge creating more opportunities to reach consumers, one thing stays the same – customers call businesses to get information. Phone calls are still one of the preferred methods of asking questions before and after the sale.

For over 32 years, we have helped businesses strengthen interactions with their prospects and customers. We create messages that leave callers with positive impressions. Looking for a “sound” way to increase sales? AAA Phone On Hold messaging is the solution. Independent studies have shown that 18% of callers make purchases based on something they heard while on hold. AAA Phone On Hold – brand enhancing solutions for creating memorable on hold message experiences.

We help you reach your customers where it counts – right between the ears!

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Hands-free * high-quality audio * MP3, WAV, SLN (any format) * We produce messages with real impact


Family owned & operated for more than 32 years… we let clients know they matter, because they do


Choose from over 200 royalty free background music selections in more than 25 styles of music 

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